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"There remains a Sabbath rest for
the people of God" (Hebrews 4:9)


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Messianic Niagara is a grassroots movement of Gentile followers of Jesus. We are seeking to recover the theology and practice of the original first-century Jewish followers of Jesus.

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Episode 01 | Jesus Abolished the Law? | MP3
Episode 02 | The End of the Law?
| MP3
Episode 03 | Tongues in Acts | MP3
Episode 04 | Tongues in 1 Corinthians | MP3
Episode 05 | Observe Sunday? | MP3
Episode 06 | Body, Soul, and Spirit | MP3
Episode 07 | Torment in Hell
| MP3
Episode 08 | God is Not a Trinity
| MP3
Episode 09 | Paul: Not Anti-Jewish/Torah | MP3
Episode 10 | Truth About the Rapture | MP3
Episode 11 | Jesus is Not Literally God | MP3
Episode 12 | Clarifying Tithing | MP3
Episode 13 | The Church and Israel | MP3
Episode 14 | The Future is Unsettled | MP3
Episode 15 | Christians and Heaven | MP3
Episode 16 | The Sacred Name | MP3
Episode 17 | Is Christmas Pagan? | MP3
Episode 18 | Jesus is the Way | MP3
Episode 19 | What is a Christian? | MP3
Episode 20 | Origin of Easter/Communion | MP3
Episode 21 | Christians and Torah | MP3
Episode 22 | Christians Better Than Jews? | MP3
Episode 23 | Torah a Mere Shadow? | MP3
Episode 24 | Paul a Hypocrite? | MP3


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Audio From Our YouTube Videos

Basic Grammar Refutes the Trinity (6 mins.)

Proclaiming the Kingdom at a Men's Breakfast (22 mins.)

Biblical Unitarianism Audio Studies

Recovering True Monotheism
(1hr, 19mins - 74MB)

Philippians 2:5-11
(52mins. - 48MB)

The Holy Spirit from a Biblical Unitarian Perspective
(1hr, 19mins. - 74MB)

The Pre-existence of the Messiah pt 1
(39mins. - 44MB)

The Pre-existence of the Messiah pt 2
(John 1:1-18 - 46mins. - 37MB)

The Pre-existence of the Messiah pt 3
(54 mins. - 51MB)

More Audio Studies

Jesus and the Torah
(Matthew 5:17-20- 1hr - 83MB - NEW)

Investigating the Sabbath
(1hr, 3mins. - 59MB)

The Five Rs of the Coming Kingdom
(1hr, 12mins. - 68MB)

The Story and Message of Hanukkah

(22mins. - 21MB)

The Open View of the Future

(1hr, 19mins. - 74MB)

Rethinking Church Traditions
(1hr, 1min. - 58MB)

Life, Death and Beyond
(1hr, 18mins. - 74MB)

The Gospel of the Kingdom
(1hr, 19mins - 74MB)

Dispelling Dispensational Thinking pt 1
(49mins - 45MB)

Dispelling Dispensational Thinking pt 2
(56mins - 51MB)



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" not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind..."